Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Teaching Course

Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Teaching Course Includes Recipe & Teaching Videos

Step-by-step teaching and training modules with videos make learning how to make chocolate truffles incredibly EASY and FUN! 

This course contains 9 instructional modules each building upon the other leading up to the decorating of the truffles. A general review of chocolate and other ingredients is given, a module on equipment and tools is provided, and a tried and true recipe with a decorating video guides students to successful chocolate truffle making.

Students will learn: 

  • How to make chocolate the right consistency for dipping and decorating.
  • The item found in the common kitchen that can be used for chocolate dipping.
  • Tricks-of-the-trade secrets for making great looking chocolate truffles.

Students will be taught how to make, dip, and decorate the “classic” truffle (pictured below). They will also learn how to make an assortment of other decorative varieties of truffles. With our hands-on teaching videos, it’s like having a private chef give you culinary lessons in your own kitchen!

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Truffles in Gold Cups

For $32.00 students will be given PRIVATE access to the teaching modules and training videos on this website. Learn at your own pace in the privacy of your own kitchen. Surprise your family, friends, and co-workers with some great looking treats; any chocoholic will love you for it!

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Read testimonials below:

The most amazing truffles! The course was informative yet easy to follow even for someone like me with no culinary background. No one believed I actually made them myself. They looked and tasted like they came from a fancy candy shop!     

K. Smith    6/2016

Cooking and baking have never been a strength of mine, but my husband and son love chocolate so I decided to give this a try. Not only were the truffles delicious, but they looked like they were professionally done! The step-by-step tutorial was easy to follow and I still can’t believe how good they tasted!

Kacie M.    6/2016